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Parting is, well, just sorrow

NRD-545 in operation in my home office


I’ve been SWLing and BCB DXing for over 50 years now. In reorganizing my amateur radio station, I figured that I would examine my equipment to be more efficient in what I buy in the future, and so forth.

The two receivers that I’ve been using the past few years are both superb: the JRC NRD-545 and the Perseus SDR. Japan Radio Company quit producing the ‘545 a few years ago but I bought one from Rob Sherwood in Colorado, the guy who does the well-respected Rx measurements and rankings. Following the recommendations published by Larry Magne, Editor of the now-defunct Passport to World Band Radio, I had Rob install the “moderate” filters on the ‘545. It’s a Bentley in terms of operating pleasure, beauty, and performance (see picture at left). The Perseus probably out-performs the NRD-545 in some ways but doesn’t have the traditional knob-turning functions that the JRC Rx does. Hmm, what to do?

I couldn’t see selling the Perseus since it’s a wonderful new approach and the future of ┬áDXing. So, I put the NRD-545 up for sale on the Yahoo ‘545 group as well as and

The only query I received from these outlets tried to downgrade the value of the Rx since I didn’t keep the boxes in which Rob Sherwood shipped it to me in. My has been kept pristine and even the “utility kit” of various connectors had never been opened. So, eBay it went. It was sold for the Buy It Now price of $1,600 in three hours! Once the eCheck to Paypal cleared, I carefully packed it using double-boxes, bubble wrap, air pillows, and plastic peanuts. It was shipped via my local UPS Store and, I must say, it was sad to see it go. However, these funds will go to adding a first-class grounding system to my station, a Tmate Plus device from for the Flex 3000 (and the Perseus), and some other stuff once they’re identified. The Tmate device is like a Griffin Powermate hot-rodded with definable buttons on a wood-grain box. It gives the “yes, I need a stinkin’ knob” in us some relief.

I’ll deal with my separation anxiety by getting my Wellsrook 1530+ loop installed on some fiberglass poles purchased on eBay for $7 (and shipping). With the rotor and having the loop above the electric noise field of my house, the Perseus should shine brightly. I may get a chance, with everything on my high-speed household LAN now, to use the received bandwidth recording option on the Perseus SDR for later playback and reception. Now, that’s exciting!