DX Dynasty! (warning: humor ahead)

Like many with a few minutes between tasks, I engage in humorous pursuits…sometimes gigging my friends with modified pictures and so forth. With the recent boom in popularity for the duck hunting empire that is Duck Dynasty, I created a fictitious advertisement for the largest advertiser in QST and CQ Magazine. (You know something is big-time when you’re met with shelves of stuff with bearded images in the local Walmart.) The image below has been shared with a few of my ham radio contacts—including the subjects of the spoof—and several have begged me to offer posters of it for prominent display in their shacks. Well, I’m not really in that business but retain full copyright privileges to the image to ward off others making commercial use. I missed April 1st with this post so consider it a break from national Tax Day to the weary IRS-abiding ham!




About k4fmh

Frank M. Howell is a amateur radio operator in the U.S. FCC call sign is K4FMH View all posts by k4fmh

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